Acrylic Vs Quartz Vs Granite

Acrylic Vs Quartz Vs Granite

Worktop Type Comparisons (Acrylic Vs Quartz Vs Granite)

It is often asked, what the difference is between the different types of worktops. People look into lots of different materials so this article should offer clarity on which properties the worktops have.


There are different materials for worktops which come in acrylic. The most popular one is called Corian. Corian is a type of acrylic worktop. Given that Corian worktops are acrylic, this means they can be made in a way to appear seamless which is stylish and why it is popular for use in kitchens. Also, Corian tops are non-porous so they are hygienic, and they can come with integrated matching sinks, again making them a clear winner for people who want their kitchen to look beautiful. Corian acrylic work surfaces are easily repaired, easy to clean and come in a large range of colours.


An example of a Quartz worktop is silestone,CompaqSilestone is a popular and beautiful type of quartz worktop. It can be used in a variety of different room types but given that itis totally heat resistant as well as being scratch resistant, it is often used in kitchens. A huge benefit of Quartz is that it can be matched up to the same material as that used for sinks. This will allow a kitchen to look perfectly matched and is a popular choice. Another huge benefit is that it is easy to clean and comes in a large range of colours.


Unlike the two work tops detailed above, Granite worktops are a natural form of worktop which proves to be popular with lots of customers. Granite is popular because of its properties such as the fact that it is heat resistant and scratch resistant. The non-porous qualities it possesses means it is hygienic and therefore used in a variety of places. It is easy to clean and comes in a wide range of colours. Sensa worktops are made from granite

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