Corian is made of acrylic powder and aluminium trihydrate which is combined to make a product which has the following attributes – strength, durability and cleanliness. The solid, non-porous surface finish is similar to satin which is beautiful and easy to maintain. We can create bespoke, seamless work surfaces with unlimited design options to fit any requirements.

Corian Uses

Corian has a broad spectrum of uses and is extremely easy to take care of – but is particularly useful where hygiene is key as it can be wiped easily. Therefore it suits its main use of being a product for work tops and work surfaces. It is seamless so offers the top level of style and cleanliness. We can fit into any commercial or residential site including offices, hospitals, laboratories, home kitchens.

Corian Maintenance

Maintaining your Corian work surface is easy and simple. Use a damp cloth to clean regularly; once a month use a mild cream abrasive. Avoid chopping or cutting directly onto the surface – we would advise using a chopping board. However, if the surface is scratched do not panic as the whole thickness is the same Corian colour, so you can wash the area with water, do not dry, then use a scourer and rub lightly backwards and forwards. Remember to remove the build up from the scourer regularly and sand very lightly over a large area to blend together.

Use a cut board to match your bespoke countertop. Try to never place hot pans straight from the hob or the oven straight on to your surface. Always use a trivet, preferably one with rubber feet, or a heat pad.

Try to avoid dropping anything on the worktop. Especially if it is a heavy item, cast iron pans and such. Attempt to store heavily weighted items in low cupboards to avoid the chance of a weighted object landing on your worktop should it fall.

Wipe up spills, splashes and leaks as soon as they occur. Liquids left on a your worktop can cause a film to develop leaving a dull and blotchy area on the counter. Tackle the spills with the paper towels and dry them with a dry tea towel or microfiber cloth. In the unfortunate event you do incur a film on your surface ‘Lime-A-Way’ is a great Corian surface cleaner to resolve the issue. Using harsh chemicals such as paint thinners and oven cleaner on or near the countertop should be avoided.

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Corian Colours

We have over 60 colours available in Corian which means we should be able to find a colour which will suit any of your design needs. Please click here to explore our full range of colours.

Corian Benefits