Granite Worktops Vs Wooden Worktops: Handy guide

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Often prospective worktop buyers are caught confused between choices of material when ordering their new worktop. Premium Worktops would like to make the decision making easier with this comparison guide. Here are the pros and cons of Granite and Wood as countertop/kitchen worktop materials.



 GraniteOak (Wood)
PricingMuch Higher than OakLower than Granite. Oak is more affordable.
Colour OptionsLarge range of natural colour options available based on differences in mineral composition in Granite.Good colour options ranging from light to dark, prime to rustic.
WarmthGranite will be usually cold because of its property and indoor location of worktops.Natural warmth of wood is unbeatable.
Maintenance / UpkeepGranite is fairly low maintenance. Polishing may be required every years.Wooden worktops will require oiling 2-3 times a year to avoid damage .
LooksThe shine and design patters in Granite are unmatched. It may be considered cheap for an upscale kitchen.High quality and costly wooden options can make your worktop the most attractive feature of your kitchen /room.
ResistanceFairly more heat, moisture and chemical resistant. It may retain the stains of hardwater, chemicals if it accumulates for a longer period.Naturally resistant to microbes and weather but degrades faster on longer exposure to water, chemicals and heat.
NoiseGranite is noisey, creates resounding noise when tools or utensils are dropped onto worktops.Wood absorbs most of the sound. Lesser damage to items dropped onto worktops.

Know your Countertop material


Granite is extrusive rock created from cooled magma. It has a unique colour, character and beauty because of its natural origin. Generally, granite rock is patterned. The dominant light minerals give the overall impression of a light surface. It is an igneous rock which takes over millions of years to be formed by molten magma crystallising within the earth. Granite has many different minerals and it also contains fossilised shells. This combination gives the stone a beautiful and varied colour range, from amazing pinks to charismatic black.

One of the most renowned hardwoods, oak, maple, teak etc are quite a popular choice of raw material while constructing wooden furnishings as well as indoor and outdoor joinery projects. Hard wood for making work surfaces is copiously available and offers attractive grain markings, hardness as well as great strength. Because of these properties the wood becomes popular for domestic wood projects as well as for shipbuilding and timber frame buildings. Typically household a work-surface is obtained from trees that are associated with strength and endurance. Wooden worktops have gained popularity recently because of Green Activism and support of the British people towards natural and renewable resources. You can see our range of granite colours on our sensa worktops page.

Colour options in Granite vs Wooden worktops

The colour of granite mainly depends on numerous components of feldspar. No wonder this material decorates the homes and is preferred by people who love completely natural materials. This natural rock is found worldwide. However, it differs in structure and colour in every region.

Wood worktops are available in a wide variety of colours that range from light to dark, prime to rustic. These qualities not only make it long-lasting and versatile, but affordable too. No wonder oak wood looks good and it can last for many-many years if handled well and taken proper care of.

Features of Granite Worktops

Granite worktops are perfect for kitchens due to good resistance to hot and cold temperatures. When you have granite in the kitchen you can place hot pans, pots, and ovenware directly on the worktop without causing any damage to it. Though granite has minimum absorbency yet it can absorb some amount of liquid. When choosing granite worktops, keep in mind that that light granite tends to absorb more water. Hence, it stains more easily than darker granite. In order to prevent staining, remove any liquids spilled on the surface as soon as possible.

Another major advantage of getting a granite worktop is that granite has a dense structure. Considering that it is hard, it does not get easily damaged in the course of daily use. But granite is not completely unbreakable – it can be damaged accidentally or by negligence. If you maintain granite properly, the surfaces can last virtually forever. Moreover, granite worktops can be cleaned easily. You just have to clean it with a damp cloth. It is recommended to use special products for light-coloured granite once or twice a year.

Granite worktops are formed in quarries where huge slabs are transported to a sawing room. They are then cut and polishing to get the finished article which is a complete piece of stone with a high gloss finish as opposed to quartz which is a composite material. (Compare Granite and Quartz as material choices for your next counter top) Granite is very heat resistant and extremely tolerant of the usual splashes and spills in kitchens and bathrooms, once installed and treated. However, it is slightly permeable by the nature of its formation and regular sealing is necessary.  Granite offers timeless elegance in any application. Besides, there are so many varieties to choose from. So, practically there is a worktop for any budget and requirement.

Features of wooden Worktops

Oak worktops are among the most popular and highly sought after worktops that enhance the appearance of your house. They are known to provide hardwearing and attractive working surface for even the busiest kitchens. You can apply the most suitable finish to suit your desired look as they are generally supplied untreated. These make an ideal preference with oak cabinets or to add a twist to a stainless steel kitchen. These will not only enhance the appearance but look great even after so many years. To help keep your worktop looking great and to prolong their life, all you need to give them is a regular coat of protective oil.

One good advantage of wooden counter tops is their ability to absorb sound waves which makes them rather silent work surfaces. With kids around the house many moms opt for wooden work-surfaces over granite, quartz or marble.

Wooden worktops may be easily damaged but are easy to repair too. Burn marks, cracking, chipping etc can be handled with polishing. You can even engage your carpenter to fix such damages.