Hi-Macs Worksurfaces are made from a composition of acrylic, natural pigments and minerals. Combined this creates a visually seamless surface. These worktops are ideal for kitchens, restaurants, bars, hospitals, and many other situations where a hygienic and durable material is essential.

The material can be easily formed into any shape you may require, therefore keeping its seamless appearance. Making your project dreams come to life, be it residential or commercial

Hi-Macs benefits   

The combination of materials makes these worktops completely non-porous – meaning that it is extremely repellent to stains – therefore requiring virtually no maintenance, as well as not harbouring bacteria making it suitable for any areas that could be in contact with food, drinking water and the public health sectors where cleanliness is paramount.

Hi-Macs maintenance

Maintenance is quite simple due to the non-porosity of the material.  As a result dirt and liquid will come virtually straight off, by using a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

As well as being practically maintenance free, it is also has a very high heat resistance. We do recommend not placing scalding hot pans straight from your cooker directly onto your Hi-Macs worksurface. Instead onto a trivet with rubber feet.

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We recommend any chopping/cutting to be done on a chopping board, and not directly onto the worktop. We recommend this not only to prevent scratches but it may cause damage your knifes –to keep in with your design we suggest a cut board which matches your worktop –If you do find any scratches or marks on your worksurface, this can easily amended by lightly sanding the affected area –the colour runs throughout the material, which gives the freedom of knowing you can make your worksurface look brand new again and again.

Hi-Macs worksurfaces comes in over 80 different colours which means we are confident in finding a colour to suit your design and projects needs.