8 Fabulous open plan kitchen and open plan living ideas

Open Plan Living Guide

Open plan kitchen and open plan living areas? What are they? What’s so open about them? A few google searches and you’ll find articles, upon articles about the subject. How do you know if an open plan kitchen or living area is for you?

Open plan layouts are hugely popular in newly built housing, and we can see why. It brings an ‘open’ feeling to your living space (mind the pun), in all honesty there’s something quite welcoming and homely – in the fact you can come home after a long day, start cooking your tea (or for the none Northern readers ‘dinner’) and still being able to catch up with your spouse (or house mates) while they’re loading up a good film in the ‘living room’ part of your open plan area, for you both to unwind to.

Perhaps you’re planning on starting work on an open-plan renovation, or you keep looking at the relatively small kitchen and thinking ‘I wonder what my house would look like if I just knocked that wall down through to the diner area, would it open it up?’. Well regardless of what’s brought you here, here are 10 examples of some open plan kitchens and open plan living areas, to that may help your ideas of your dream home come true…

Beeck open plan kitchen

Open plan kitchen


Open plan German Kitchen


Intimate wooden open plan


Modern and stylish open plan living


Grey, stylish open plan delight


Minimal living


Apartment therapy


Corian and German compliment


One thought that goes through everybody’s mind when it comes to an open plan living area, is the thought of everything you cook in the kitchen, will linger onto your furniture. Well let’s be honest here, not everything that gets lovingly cooked in the kitchen, will makes your senses tingle and your tummy rumble! (Fishy dishes we are looking at you). So here comes the solutions, no, we do not recommend removing food types that may leave an unpleasant smell behind from your diet – simply open the door, window and/or use that extractor fan, you know the one you thought you could live without? That one, it actually does what it says on the tin, extracts the smells, magic!