Compac Worktop

Compac worktops are engineered from high quality resin and quartz, this combination creates a stable, hard wearing material with an extremely low absorption rate, making it ideal for bars, bathrooms and kitchens and other commercial/residential areas which require a seamless finish.

Compac benefits

Because extremely low absorption rate, meaning that they are highly resistant to most common spillages and stains –making Compac worktops undemanding to maintain and extremely hard wearing.These worktops are highly resistant to water and humidity making them ideal for areas that handle food and drink.


Compac worktops are extremely durable and highly resistant to staining. We do recommend any spillages to be wiped down using a cloth, warm water and a mild soap, in a circular motion. We also recommend very occasionally using a mild glass cleaner, suitable for your Compac worksurface, allow it to sit for several minutes, then wipe clean with a damp cloth –to help keep the shine impeccable.

Compac worksurface sare highly resistant to chips, cracks, scratches and are highly heat resistant. Although we recommend taking a few steps to ensure no marks form over time on your worksurface. We suggest all cutting/chopping should be done on a chopping board, to ensure no damage to your worktop, and possibly even cause damage to your knifes –to keep in with your design we suggest getting a cutting board which matches your worksurface.

compac worktops

We also suggest when cooking that scolding hot pans should be placed on a trivet, ideally with rubber feet –to protect your worktop from extreme temperatures –most surfaces can be damaged by quick changes in temperature, known as ‘thermal shock’.

Compac worksurfaces come in over 25 colours, meaning that we are certain we are be able to help you find a colour perfect for your project design.

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