Silestone Quartz

Silestone worksurfaces are made from 94% natural quartz. The remaining 6% is made up from a composition of pebble fragments, and resin pigments. Therefore creating a solid surface that’s ideal for residential and commercial projects.

Silestone benefits

Silestone’s combination of materials creates an extraordinarily hard, resilient, and non-porous material – due to the natural of the material it makes Silestone highly resistant to stains (such as wine, fizzy drinks and chemicals), a low absorption of liquids, as well as having a high impact resistance – which makes these worktops last longer and are easy to clean. They also have a quality and luxury appearance.

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Silestone worksurfaces are also highly scratch resistant, due to quartz being one of the hardest minerals in the world. This makes our product extremely beneficial if you have pets, who tend to jump up onto anything they can, without worrying that they will damage your worksurface.

Silestone maintenance


Maintenance of Silestone worksurfaces is fairly simple. Using warm water, a cloth and a tiny bit of detergent can go a long way. For more stubborn stains we recommend gently scrubbing the area with a soft scouring sponge until it disappears. It’s highly advisable not to use any repellents, sealants or polish on your worktop.

If the worksurface has started to lack in shine (over the course of a few years) using a mutli-pupose furniture spray suitable for the worktop can be used to bring back it’s sparkle.

Although these worktops have a high impact resistance, we do recommend storing heavier pots and pans underneath, as appose to in the cupboards above – to ensure if anything does fall, your worksurface will not be affected.

Silestone worksurface is available in over 40 different colours, so we are confident we can supply you with the right colour to match your home/project needs.