Sens Worktop with Sink

Sensa worktops are made from natural granite which originates from Brazil and India, this particular stone was chosen following strict criteria of excellence to create a unique, elegant worksurface. Every Sensaworktop is unique from the rest, due to the exceptional veining which is not found in others.

Sensa benefits

The benefits of Sensa worktops are that a protective treatment is applied to each slab after creation, this protective treatment has a 15 year warranty, which will allow you to continue to enjoy the natural high quality and shine for years to come.
Granite worksurfaces are certified for contact with food, and with Sensa’s high stain resistance makes it the prefect worktop for any area that comes into contact with food, where cleanliness is foremost.


Maintenance of these worksurfaces is quite simple: soap/mild household cleaner, warm water and a cloth is all you need. We do recommend avoiding using harsh chemicals such are bleach, polish and other abrasive cleaners. Unlike most granites, you do not need to apply any treatments to your Sensa worktop to protect it, as this is done for you in the finishing process of creating your bespoke worktops therefor requiring virtually no maintenance.


Although Granite worksurfaces are made from one of the hardest materials we have the ability to use, it can still be scratched. To ensure no damage is caused to your worktop, we highly recommend using a chopping board for all cutting/chopping.

Sensa worktops have an extremely high heat resistance, although we do recommend using heat resistant tablemats/trivets with rubber feet when you’re using hot pots and pans –to protect your worksurface from thermal shock (a sudden temperature fluctuation causing stress/strain in an object or substance, which can lead to damage of even the hardest of materials).

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