Acrylic Vs Laminate Worktops

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The change in trend has brought a lot of attention to every corner of a home and kitchen is not an exception. The interior, furniture and designing is being done with a lot of focus on theme, finish materials and requirement. When it comes to the finish material, countertops need to be decided carefully as they are here to stay. With an increasing selection of countertop materials available in the market one may get confused while choosing one, in this post we aim to explain the difference between Acrylic Vs Laminate Worktops.

Two of the most similar countertop materials are laminate and acrylic and they both have a plastic-like glossy finish. However, there are many factors on which the two can be compared and you can decide whether you should get acrylic or laminate material for your kitchen worktops.

Acrylic Laminate
Pricing Acrylic countertops are comparatively expensive. Laminate countertops are comparatively cheaper
Colour options These have a variety of colours and textures available. Laminate has many colours available. Natural patterns and depth in the block are quite substandard.
Warmth Slightly warm Slightly warm
Maintenance Keeps its visual appeal for many decades. Though Laminate is easy to maintain yet it chips and scratches easily with a knife.
Looks Imitates natural stones better. Looks more like plastic
Heat Resistance Not all acrylic countertops are heat resistant. It is fairly resistant to fluids and chemicals. Resistance to heat and physical damages is disappointing. Not stain proof but resists stains.

Before moving ahead into the detailed comparison of both these worktops, let’s first try to understand the basics.

What is Laminate?

Laminate countertops consist of layers of plastic that are bonded to craft paper to make a solid worktop surface. These are stylish, attractive and are quite affordable. Laminate countertops are available in a wide range of colors and go well with almost all types of kitchens.

What is Acrylic?

Acrylic countertops are solid resin, which is a hard, plastic-like surface. This material provides a glossy finish to countertops and has plenty of colour options available. Acrylic material is mouldable and can provide a seamless worktop with smooth and stylish edges.
It also consists of a core below the acrylic resin which accounts for its natural stone or any other material finish you desire.

Acrylic Vs Laminate Worktops

Physical looks

  • Color Options: Both acrylic and laminate countertops are available in a wide range colors, patterns and textures. These are great for all types of kitchens be it modern or traditional. Laminate worktops can even provide a finish similar to marble, travertine, slate, cork, wood, leather and even paper and fabric.
  • Depth of stone: In terms of depth of stone, laminate if below par. But high-end laminate can successfully mimic stones. Acrylic worktops are better in terms of natural stone look and they are seamless and mouldable, which is a very strong advantage.

Cost of Acrylic Worktops vs Laminate worktops

Though both acrylic and laminate worktops are pocket friendly and affordable, but laminate worktops are relatively cheaper. However, you won’t regret the price paid for acrylic finish as they look more attractive and classy.


In terms of durability, both materials are equally good yet acrylic is slightly better for some reasons. This is because laminate is not scratch-resistant and it cannot maintain its appearance for years. On the other hand acrylic countertops remain the same even after decades. One has to be slightly careful with laminate worktops so as to avoid getting scratches on it. If you are keen on having laminate worktops but also wish to get durability then you can choose laminate with extra coating.

Installation Advantage

While acrylic countertops are professionally installed, one can install laminate countertops at home. .

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