Corian & HiMacs for Health Care and Dental Worktops

A closer look at Corian​

Clinicians have long had confidence in Corian for hygiene-critical situations, and this solid seam-free can also take imaginative and appealing form to enhance a sense of wellbeing. The prevention of infection and cross contamination is a priority in any healthcare setting. Premium Worktops produce seamless solid surfaces, which are perfect for hospitals, dentists, laboratories and pharmacies. Using non-porous Corian, it does not support the growth of bacteria or fungi, Corian has been certified by an independent laboratory as a hygienic material according to the international norm DIN EN ISO 846. Premium Worktops can create sterile environments that are designed for specialist work areas. All surfaces are easily cleaned and maintained.

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The Corian sink is bonded to the worktop which again creates a seamless finish which prevents
bacteria growth also most dental surgeries request sinks without overflow holes which we can

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Process from start to finish

Take a look at the wide range of Corian colours, or request a quotation via our online quote form to enquire about a price, we are able to quote from dimensions or plans. Once the quotation is agreed we will come to
template and confirm the exact layout for the worktops. We will then return 7-10 working days later
to install the new worktops – all installations come with a 10 year guarantee.

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