Corian is made of acrylic powder and aluminium trihydrate which is combined to make a product which has the following attributes – strength, durability and cleanliness. The solid, non-porous surface finish is similar to satin which is beautiful and easy to maintain. We can create bespoke, seamless work surfaces with unlimited design options to fit …

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Classic Quartz

Classic Quartz Stone are made from an engineered quartz stone. Quartz is one of the hardest and most durable materials that is ideal for kitchen worktops, vanity tops and flooring application – for both commercial and residential projects. Classic Quartz Benefits Benefits are that it is extremely easy to maintain and is very hygienic as …

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Acrylic Vs Quartz Vs Granite

Worktop Type Comparisons (Acrylic Vs Quartz Vs Granite) It is often asked, what the difference is between the different types of worktops. People look into lots of different materials so this article should offer clarity on which properties the worktops have. Acrylic There are different materials for worktops which come in acrylic. The most popular …

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