Hi-MACS Alpine White – Dental Practise

Hi-MACS Alpine White

Hi-MACS Alpine White is a seamless solid surface that shares its material composition with Corian and other acrylic solid surfaces. Hi-MACS Alpine White is a bright solid white colour making it the ideal surface for many industries. On this project we specified Hi-MACS for several Dental suites within a single practise. Just like Corian, Hi-MACS is non-porous and seamlessly bonded which creates a hygienic surface ideal for excelling within the medical industry. Moulded sinks are available utilising Hi-MACS, an option we suggest to clients for achieving a the most hygienic workstation possible. An Hi-MACS surface requires no silicone for sealing joints, upstands or sinks, certainly making an Hi-MACS surface a unique choice.