Hi-MACS Aurora Umber - Counter

Hi-MACS Aurora Umber

Hi-MACS is a seamless solid surface that shares its material composition as Corian and other acrylic solid surfaces. Hi-MACS is the ideal surface option for a counter within the food industry. Hi-MACS is a hygienic non-porous surface therefore surface spillages, dust and day to day dirt sits on the surface to be easily wiped away. A showroom finish is easily maintained throughout the longevity of Hi-MACS surface making Hi-MACS an ideal option for high traffic surfaces within the food and catering industry. Hi-MACS is a fully repairable surface therefore if damage was to ever occur, we can repair an Hi-MACS surface to an exceptional standard. Hi-MACS Aurora Umber showcases a complex directional vein. Our fabricators work with veined complexions and ensure that seamless benefits are achieved.