Silestone Antibacterial countertops

Antimicrobial Worktops in the UK for preventing the spread of infection-related Illness

Amidst the Coronovirus Pandemic, UK witnessed another viral infection called the Norovirus, and it has been spreading like wildfire. It is the most common food-borne virus, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA) says 1 in 6 Americans are going to come in its contact. Similarly, Salmonella and E-Coli are also major culprits in …

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Sens Worktop with Sink


Sensa worktops are made from natural granite which originates from Brazil and India, this particular stone was chosen following strict criteria of excellence to create a unique, elegant worksurface. Every Sensaworktop is unique from the rest, due to the exceptional veining which is not found in others. Sensa benefits The benefits of Sensa worktops are …

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Acrylic Upstands Upstands in Acrylic come in 75mm high as standard, however these can be made to measure to suit any project. Stone (Granite & Quartz) Upstands Upstands in Stone come in 100mm high as standard, however these can be made to measure to suit any project.

Staron Bar


Staron worksurfaces are made from a high quality acrylic, which makes this material 100% non-porous, this means bacteria and mould cannot grow nor infiltrate on your Staron worksurface – making it ideal for laboratories, hospitals, food preparation, and domestic areas – which require a surface that germs and bacteria cannot penetrate. Staron benefits The benefits …

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Tristone Pure White


Tristone is composed of high-performance acrylic resins and natural minerals, which creates a solid acrylic surface. Tristone is an optimal choice for kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, retail outlets, schools, and alternatively other locations that favour capability and performance. These worktops are seamless and non-porous. Thus making them heat, moisture and bacteria resistant, which consequently results in …

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Compac Worktop


Compac worktops are engineered from high quality resin and quartz, this combination creates a stable, hard wearing material with an extremely low absorption rate, making it ideal for bars, bathrooms and kitchens and other commercial/residential areas which require a seamless finish. Compac benefits Because extremely low absorption rate, meaning that they are highly resistant to …

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Silestone Quartz


Silestone worksurfaces are made from 94% natural quartz. The remaining 6% is made up from a composition of pebble fragments, and resin pigments. Therefore creating a solid surface that’s ideal for residential and commercial projects. Silestone benefits Silestone’s combination of materials creates an extraordinarily hard, resilient, and non-porous material – due to the natural of …

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Hi-Macs Worksurfaces are made from a composition of acrylic, natural pigments and minerals. Combined this creates a visually seamless surface. These worktops are ideal for kitchens, restaurants, bars, hospitals, and many other situations where a hygienic and durable material is essential. The material can be easily formed into any shape you may require, therefore keeping …

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